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Hi there,
Are you still open? I have very fond memories of my stay at your place,
Best wishes
Hi there,
Really interesting homepage, thanks for the memories!
All the best
I well remember the Hampton Cinema which was in a converted hangar just along from Grove Cottages, where I lived with my parents. The Cinema was owned and run by a Mr. Greenland and, as I was friends with his son, I used to get into see the films quite often.

Of course, Grove Cottages (we lived in No. 1, the Lowing family in No. 2) were demolished after we moved out and the site formed part of Chris Cockerill`s Hovercraft development area

We used to live in Hythe and this wonderful website brings back many happy memories, including walking on the pier, using the pier train and drinking in the Lord Nelson. And I love the pencil drawing of the pier train - I can almost smell that evocative muddy-water smell and hear the birds overhead. Thanks for the memories, Angela
What a brilliant website and about time too! What a shame more people don't know about it.

So much information and the film on the Hythe Ferry section is just wonderful. Well done to whoever put that together.

I have just browsed through the whole site and have learnt things I never knew... thank you.

I was around at the Mistletoe Fayre on the 27th November, 2010, and took some photos... have a look here at the collage I have put together of the fun packed event!... http://www.flickr.com/photos/hythe-eye/5214994604/ Thanks again to the organisers of the Fayre - a hard job - done well!!
Sad film I cried, want to know what happened?
Well done.About time it came back.
Great stylish website. Be even better when you finish.Hythe needs foresight like this. Keep going with it.