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 The New Forest gained a new entrance with the Hythe Pier being sold as “a point of departure for the forest”. The route received Royal approval on August 13th 1888 when Prince and Princess Henry of Battenberg accompanied by Princess Alice of Hesse stepped onto the pierhead from their yacht Elfin bound for a long circular tour.
 King Alphonso

Many famous people have used the pier, including King Alphonso XIII of Spain, and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany.
King George VI rode the pier train prior to reviewing the embarking the D-day troops in 1944.

In 1887 Mr. James Percy, (so began the association of the Percy family with the pier and ferry), succeeded Mr. Fry who was lessee of the pier.

Mr. Percy was a direct descendent of Sir Henry Percy, first Earl of Northumberland and father of Harry, called HOTSPUR.
 Hotspur became the name of the family’s ferryboat and four others have proudly followed – Hotspur IV still being used at the present time.